Essig Report Messages

Most Recent Rating Report - Reports will usually be posted by Tuesday with scores through the previous Saturday included in the analysis.

The Reports are primarily intended to rank Illinois 4A & 3A Teams - 2A and 1A teams are included in the Rankings only if they play in a conference with 3A teams or play a significant number of 3A or 4A teams that would impact the rankings of 3A or 4A Teams.
Only games against Illinois teams are included.

The Essig Report is a computerized tabulation of the comparative strengths of large school Illinois Boys Basketball teams, based on the mean average of results of games played to-date when measured against the strength of the competition. Read the History and Methodology of the Essig Report.

Coaches are encouraged to review the won-lost records in our report and to advise us if any games appear to be missing from the calculations or scores are in error. Keep in mind that results of games played against out-of-state opponents are not included, nor are those against many smaller schools.

Disclaimer - The Essig Report relies on the scores reported in various sports news sources throughout the state of Illinois including newspapers and internet sites that report Illinois high school basketball scores.

2016-2017 Archived Reports


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150 4A
150 3A
12-11-16     view view view NA    NA
12-17-16     view view view NA    NA
12-24-16     view view view NA    NA
12-31-16     view view view NA    NA
01-07-17     view view view NA    NA
01-14-17     view view view NA    NA
01-21-17     view view view NA    NA
01-28-17     view view view NA    NA
Beginning 02-04-2017: Reports with IHSA Sectional Seedings  
02-04-17     view view view 4A    3A
02-11-17     view view view 4A    3A
02-16-17     IHSA Seeding posted 2/16/17 4A    3A
02-18-17     view view view 4A    3A
02-24-17     view view view 4A    3A
2016-2017 Season Final Reports
03-18-17     view view view NA    NA